Transforming a hit TV drama into an interactive game

Here's a pretty cool idea. Create an app that is designed to be used in parallel with watching a hit TV series - transforming each episode into an interactive game.

Broadcaster FX UK did just this with the second series of the hit show The Walking Dead.

The basic premise was to get viewers more engaged by 'gamifying' the show. Using the app, the viewer is able to play games such as how many zombies will be killed during the episode. Results can then be shared on social media sites.

Screen grab of The Walking Dead app

Share your score on Facebook and Twitter

By using audio watermarking, the app automatically keeps in sync with the episode being watched, regardless of whether it is being viewed live or on catch-up. Clever stuff.

For a long time now, television broadcasters have been trying to integrate the online world with traditional television shows; normally by encouraging people to comment on a programme via Twitter.

However, with a little experimentation and investment, interesting things can happen; particularly now that the prevalence of tablets and smartphones have provided broadcasters with more avenues to explore - it seems FX UK have made a decent stab at it.

Have a read of the full story on the BBC website.


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