Enhancing the experience of Birmingham Museums

Birmingham Museum app - home screen

Birmingham Museum app - home screen

From the music industry to the small independent retailer on the high street, it's easy for purveyors of tangible goods and experiences to see the explosion digital as a threat to their traditional business model. As a result some businesses have a deep mistrust of the internet. But it doesn't have to be this way.

With ever increasing ways to fill our leisure time, UK museums could have expected a steady decline in footfall. However 2012 saw a 5.1% rise in numbers, a total of 92.1 million people (reference).

Why the increase? There are obviously many reasons, including the location and cost of entry. But perhaps another reason is the willingness of some museums to use technology to enhance the experience of walking around the physical building.

Birmingham Museums App

Birmingham Museums App

Birmingham Museums App home screen

One example of this is the free 'Birmingham Museums Quiz' mobile app created by BMAG. The free app contains quizzes on nine of the cities museums, with two different levels for each museum; 'Families and young kids' or 'Older kids and young at heart.

The app can be played at home, but it's far more rewarding using it whilst exploring a museum. Not only are children  encouraged to engage with the attractions, but on completion of each quiz there is money off available at the museum's cafe. Another example of integrating the digital with the physical world.


Technology can be used improve any business, it just takes a little imagination and a splash of bravery.

For more information on the Birmingham Museums app visit the BMAG site, or you can  download the app here.

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